DC RB tasting sometime in May?

Let’s say 1 PM start, but if you plan on being a few minutes early, I may be able to accommodate - please contact me if anyone plans on being there before 1 PM, in case I had to run off and grab something from the store.

I don’t think the weather is going to be nice enough to have it out in the garage, but that may be a game-time decision.

If anyone wants to grill anything, I have a propane grill.

Also, if anyone has any beers that have instructions on warming it up on a stove top, we have that too.

@GenDV138 I made some edits to what you’re bringing.

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Don’t forget to pass the word around to any non-active or non-RB folks that they can attend.

Always good to get a taste in. Thanks to @radagast83 for hosting.

Huge thanks Chris for hosting! Good fun.

Hey guys, I moved everyone’s propolis ratings to a new entry. No action needed.


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