DC tasting in late December?

I know some people expressed interest in a tasting on the 29th or 30th of December. Just throwing that out here in case there’s any further interest in that.

I’m most likely going to have my house to myself on January 12 or 13th, so I could (probably) host over that weekend. Doesn’t mean we can’t do something on the 29th and 30th as well. Unfortunately I’m out of all my Shandy, but maybe Donnie can grace us with something terrible.

The 29th or 30th would be super. I’m heading to Jackson Hole January 1st and will not be back until May.

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FWIW, I would likely make a January tasting. I also have too much beer to share.

30th is better for me, but I could probably swing the 29th too.

Did we settle on a day and time? Want to coordinate with the bosses (ie, my wife and mom).

Yeah, let’s lock down a time and place…

Who can make it?

I can do that 12-6 time slot on either the 29th or 30th with a preference for the 30th.

I won’t be back in town till Jan 5, sorry guys.

I should be able to make either day.

Either day is fine. Looking forward to a strong finish for 2018 :hugs:

Strong finish? I’ll rate my 10k at this taste!

Did we lock in the date? Sunday is shaping up as best for me. Here’s what I’m bringing:
Hill Farmstead Aaron 50cl
Golem Moloch Bourbon Barrel 33cl
Falls City Barrel Series Mammoth Stave 750ml
Charles Towne Fermentory Year Two 16oz
Birds Fly South Brand New Eyes 750ml
Rare Barrel Another World 750ml
Barrier Know Yourself 16oz

Where are we doing this? I don’t think we ever locked that part down.

Sunday is going to be better for me. However, I have a brunch I can’t get out of on Sunday so I probably would be there between 2-3…

I know Iphonephan will be gone, but would this be better pushed to the 13th?

I could probably host Sunday 12-6pm if people want to come out to Falls Church. DM me for the address

I’m game if everyone else is.

I’m in

Thank you Donnie for the last minute save! I’m in, but I’ll probably miss the first few hours. I’ll see what all I can bring along tonight.

I think at least one I got from Lidl a few weeks back isn’t in the database yet…

I messaged Donnie for the address but I haven’t heard back. Can someone shoot it to me? Also, is @DCLawyer coming?

I’ve been there a few times but I can’t track down the house number, if you still need it, I’ll try to track that down