DC tasting (mini or maxi) weekend of Sep 28-30?

I have a few worthy bottles to share the weekend after I get back from Wyoming and before I head to SE Asia.

Sounds good, though I am attending the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ festival in Leesburg on Saturday the 29th. So, I could do the 30th all hungover as hell.

I can do the 30th as well, as long as it doesn’t run too late.

I might be able to swing the 30th.

One of my wife’s cousins is going to be in town that weekend, so it’s kind of up in the air right now as to my exact schedule.

I’m on call that weekend but can probably swing a mini tasting.

Cool. I just picked up a haul today at Weldwerks and have some Melvin etc. 30th sounds like the day. Just need a time and place.

Turns out I have an event later in the afternoon on the 30th, so I don’t think I can host.

That event starts at 4 in MD, but I can be a few minutes “late” to that if I need to be,

Pretty much means I’ll only be able to join for the first few hours.

I can host, but it would be a strict 12 to 6 window.

We still doing this gents? If I am traveling then I can be a little flexible on time. I can host, but like it says, strict window.

I got a Bulgaria cider…

I’m down for that. That actually works well for me, I’d probably be there from 12-4 or so.

What about everyone else?

If we’re doing it:

I’m definitely in, with beers from WY, KS, CO etc.

My beers are in. Let me know if someone needs my address.

If anyone has a can of Leather, would love to try it.

Westchesterco and I will be there. Beer list updated. Will bring some food too (but no leather, except maybe footwear). Please send address.

Of course you can.

I will bring Leather

@DCLawyer are you bringing 16oz of Dad Bod or 225lbs?

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@DCLawyer bourbon barrel aged for sure

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Ah, too bad I’ll miss it. Just got back from Mexico and was in Canada earlier this month so I have the full NAFTA set before it all goes up in flames. Anyway, going to Miami on Saturday morning so I will miss it this time. I’ll try to see about one in October sometime as a Snally warm up or wind down.


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Pickled, even.

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