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DCLawyer has broken the space-time continuum with his rating

As I write this at 9:12 pm on Jan 21, I see that just 40 minutes away @DCLawyer has managed to break to space time continuum with his Jan 22 place rating (entered two hours ago according to my feed) of the Delerium Cafe and Black Walnut Brewery in Leesburg. Is this a new feature you guys have held under wraps for 2019?




Some time in the last year, our rating timestamps switched from Murica Westcoast to localtime. We Europeans did not have objections to that.


Still, in theory, he and I are both in the same time zone. Breaking the space time continuum therefore seems like the simpler explanation

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Pretty sure Ratebeer time is set at GMT.

Yes, on NYE, my last ten or so 2018 ratings were in 2019. December 2018 would have been my highest month were it not for this issue.

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I feel your pain. Your stat attack robbed by the RB space-time continuum.


classic jason

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