De Moersleutel Three Years

How much would a can of this cost in the Netherlands?

A colleague has started drinking craft beer and mentioned he wanted to try an Impy so picked up two cans. I put them down instantly as soon as I spotted the price (which I will keep to myself for now).

Three years dinner around 9 euro and three years dessert around 12 euro I believe.

De Moersleutel’s beers have become ridiculously expensive (and sweet in a lot of cases).


At Drinks & Gifts store Three Years Dessert EUR 10,99 and Dinner EUR 7,75.
I agree with MonsterMagnet.

Apparently lactose is a very expensive ingredient.

£19 at BrewDog Tower Hill.

However they do have form for having their prices shared on social media and then posting that it was mislabeled.

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Now that is steep!

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