Dead taprooms walking

Let’s have a thread with announced taproom closure dates so that people might organize themselves to get some late ticks before they close for good should they wish so.

Solvay Society, Leytonstone - last day Dec 17th - Fri 3-11, Sat 12-11

Canopy - Herne Hill, London - party on December 17th, open till Christmas after at the taproom. The Sympathetic Ear closes tomorrow (16th).

Burton Town Brewery, Burton on Trent - last day Dec 23rd

Slater’s Ales, Stafford - last day some time EOY - the brewery isn’t on the site as a place, but sales are still done, check FB for details

West End - Leicester - closing December 31st.

Top Out, Loanhead - closes EOY (I guess the shop at the brewery)

Emsworth Brewhouse, Havant - closes EOY

Crankshaft, Leyland - closes EOY

Will add more as I encounter tham, point them out if needed.


West End in Leicester 31 December. Although I’m not sure how much of their own beer they’ve still got around. They have an Oakham takeover this weekend, I’ll get back to report (sadly this is probably my last visit unless I can sneak another just before they close):

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No draught beer from West End tonight but plenty of cans. I added a new beer… as they’re not closed just yet I hope that not too naughty of me.

Damn, sad to see both Canopy and the Sympathetic ear closing, been to both a fair few times and worth a visit.

Good idea this thread by the way, sadly im sure we will see many more over next year :frowning:

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Whilst I don’t wish to see anyone close, Canopy for me, were very much “you’ve tried the best, now try the rest” !

Exactly 10 ratings, so a fair sample in my mind, and an average score given by myself of precisely 3.0.

Never really sought them out for that very reason of passable mediocrity !

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Added Emsworth Brewhouse and Crankshaft to the list, courtesy of Beer Nouveau’s work. Both close EOY.

Am putting an order in for the new Makemake cans and added a Canopy beer in just because there will be no more.

Noticed that the M&S Beef and Ale pie I had earlier contained Slater’s ale. Tasted of fuck all. Wonder if an ill advised contract was the last straw (had shares in a company that lost money because pre-Christmas temps put too many chocolate sprinkles on their cakes).