Decontructed Hefeweizen

Swiss brewery 523, which @SinH4 thought he was currently top rater of when I wrote this, are presenting a deconstructed Hefeweizen at Wortspiele IV beer festival in Basel this weekend. “Concentrated via double fractional freezing, served with banana and clove spheres and a hint of the famous Weihenstephan strain.”
Never seen anything like it. Have any of you guys had anything similar?

maybe general context here:

Wortspiele, literally a pun on “word plays”/“wort games” in German, is a periodically recurring beerfestival that takes the Zoigl concept and lets craft breweries brew wort together and then do whatever they like with it, and for the next event they meet at a brewery and do a little festival with the beers.

Unfortunately, I won’t be in Basel this weekend, I would really like to try some of the outcomes. Some of the ideas are really crazy, but also sound really tasty.

In any case: This is probably unrateable, unless you insist that it is served without the banana, clove spheres and excess yeast.

Oh admit it, you just wanna stay top rater of 523 brewery. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess technically nobody can keep you from rating it as the base beer, because “serving style does not make a difference” - on the other hand, extra ingredients which were not part of the recipe do.

It’s like those tap infusions which are en vogue currently.

Bov gave me the blessing to add every beer form Wortspiele #4 besides the slushie beer. So yes, I added Deconstructed and it was delicious. Rating to be uploaded still.

Really looking forward to your taste notes. I just heard it wasn’t so bad. :wink:

“not so bad” in the way of a British understatement indeed.

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