Delerium Nöel renamed?

Maybe I’m out of the loop, but when did they rename Delerium Nöel to Delerium Christmas?

I just noticed this and the label looks like a cursed image after seeing Nöel for years and years.

Judging by UnTappd (check-ins from this November and December) it looks like Noël and Christmas are simultaneously available. Perhaps it depends on the market.

Always been branded as Delirium christmas in the UK



Leave us not enter into religious territories!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))

Weird. I wonder why they have different labeling. Some marketing firm got them to make the change? A little surprised it would be Nöel in the US longer (up until 2019/2020) than in the UK.

Likely they were threatened with a lawsuit by Nöel Brewing of the North Polar Region.