Delete this rating?

This Rating:

from this guy

is absolute nonsense.

Seems like he just registered to give this beer 0.5 Rating. The way he “describes” the beer Shows how openminded this guy is…

What are your opinions about this?

What about it is nonsense, exactly? It’s not a very informative rating, sure, but so are a lot of ratings on this website. Asking for its deletion seems a bit much.

the TOS say that ratings have to describe the beers in terms of aesthetics and flavour.

“The Beer tastes like biting in a piece of mos.”

Not sure if that sentence qualifies as such, but I think one can make an argument that it does :stuck_out_tongue:

My Point is, that he registered on that day just do give ONE beer a shitty Rating. In my opinion that’s not the way Ratebeer should be used. So: nonsense!

I asked for your opinions, so I respect yours.

The system is such that anyone with 10 ratings doesnt count, That even then Scores use a weighting system, so oddities dont over effect.

I dont see any problem with this(short of evidence that he has something against the brewer)

Ive never given a 0.5 for me a 0.5 should be a lot harder to achieve than a perfect 5.

But all that rating reads to me was he bought something that he found so bad that he felt the need to say something. Much like my amazon Reviews i only ever leave one if it was so bad i felt the need to say so


It tells me it tasted to him like biting onto moss, and it also tells me his ability to score beer needs refinement. The former is fine, 'cos that’s just his opinion, man. The latter is not a problem, as it doesn’t count towards the beer’s total.

I’ve written worse. I’ve written death threats, for pity’s sake.


I’d be more annoyed at this guy, whose ratings I have come across a couple of times. It seems that ever since the deal with InBev went down he’s been reviewing beers (around 250) without actually making any comment on them.


Yeah it’s a shitty review but as Craig pointed out he has less than 10 reviews. And I’ve seen hundreds of people sign up just to leave 1 bad (or amazing) rating, it’s annoying to see but it’s good to know that because they have less than 10 ratings it doesn’t count towards the beer’s score.

I agree with yantarcoast the people who copy and paste unrelated paragraphs from random wikipedia articles are worse. And that guy (jonno) has almost 3000 of them! It’s actually insane how much effort he goes to in leaving those fake ratings, I think it would be quicker to write out a real rating than to go to Wikipedia, find a random article, then find a random paragraph to copy and paste in. Complete waste of time having people like him on the site. No value added whatsoever.


No kidding. Spelling error aside, at least this guy actually said something about the beer :joy:

We do from time to time come over “Shitty” reviews and review sthat we do not recognize from our own oppinon about the same beer, however I have learned through the yearrs to know lot of reviewer in here and how they review compared to my own oppinion. That do not necessarily make them bad, and all do not have same taste. I simply just ignoere reviews taht divied much from what I see other I know have given. I have seen enough rating 5.0 for a beer that I normaly would give around 3.0 and aslo other way down to 0.5 for same. These ones is few and do not count much in the avverage and calculations. So Just ignore them they normaly pops up for one beer and are after that long gone anyway. Same I see happends for place ratings too people giving places 100 when other you trust rate it 25.

PS: Happy xmas everyone.