Deleting a place rating?

Quick question, looked all around and couldn’t figure out how to delete a place rating. Is this possible to do?

Came across this issue a year ago. At the time only admins could delete place ratings. This probably hasn’t changed since then.

This is annoying. I added a place the other day that i didnt realise was already added (searched the name without apostrophe & nothing came up!)… couldnt delete it so its still there

Mat, in case you have not seen this thread:

you can report the “problem” there and someone with “delete place” powers will delete it

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Well, this must be true about admins only having the ability to delete place ratings, because I can’t find a way to do it myself. Sent a ‘feedback’ email to delete the couple place ratings I have 6 days ago and hasn’t happened yet. I removed the text and numbers to the extent that I am able, but I don’t want the now negative review to affect the affected places. Guess I just have to hope someone does it?

I find that if you wait for a few years they magically just disappear!

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