Deptford Craft Beer Feast

Some of you may be aware of this ‘Craft Beer Feast’ thing taking place in Deptford this Saturday organised by the gang at Hop Stuff.
I’ll be off to this myself this Saturday and recently on their Facebook event page asked if a beer list will be put up before the event.
This was their reply: ‘Sure won’t! You’ll have to come down to peruse the goods’. Since the widespread availability of the internet every festival I’ve been to has put up a list before the event, I’ve never known any organiser to refuse to do so. I’m wondering why they’ve taken this stance (mediocre beer list perhaps?). . Has anyone come across this sort of nonsense before?

Seems a strange stance to take, not giving a beer list.

I have not come across such a thing before, organizers usually want to advertise their ‘specials’ and publicize the event by naming at least the breweries involved.

Sod Um, I wasn’t going anyway.


This was my immediate suspicion. What a weird stance to take.
It looks like they have at least released a list of attending breweries now, and they’ve actually got some pretty decent ones there. But even with this it’s still strange as you’d expect them to have some good beers on that they’d want to publicise highly and build hype. Maybe there are no specials? Core range only? Gonna have a hard time building hype and attracting anyone other than spur of the moment visitors without releasing the beer list I’d have thought.

Couldn’t agree more.

A new craft beer festival started last year in Reading and they did a similar thing. Announced the brewers but at no point appeared to release a beer list. Got tickets.for this hear - with my relative lack of ticks It’s not going to be an issue with the breweries that they have on.

We all love a list as tickers and knowing what I can pick up does drive where I visit these days.

However we are a minority and I doubt an event such as this would suffer much if the likes of us didn’t show up but who knows?