Derby pub crawl on Friday 11th FEB

Doing a Derby pub crawl on Feb 11th if anyone wants to join in.

Kicking off in the Brunswick from 1400 then doing a circular tour taking in the top 7 rated pubs on RB and back to the Alex by around 2000/2030.

I’ll see if I can make it.

As someone who knows a fair bit about Derby pubs - a souple of suggestions

I wouldn’t bother with the Babington Arms, it’s off the route and is just a Wetherspoons, albeit a pretty good one.

Any itinerary which involves the Smithfield can’t help but take you right past the Tap and Exeter Arms, so you might as well include them as well.

And, personally I wouldn’t start at the Brunswick - might be difficult to get away from there !


Aware the Babington is a spoons … but one with a good rep and likely to yield new rates all round (probably more than the Exeter which was of course in my mind).

I think if there is a venue to chop off (weather dependant more than time I’d say) it will be the Babington as a realise this is a bit more of a trek and slightly off line of route.

Probably also pop into Suds and Soda… get some train beers and keg action.

As for the Brunswick … not been there since England played Mexico at Pride Park in 2003/4 time I think.

Did some of my very formative beer ticking as a 6th form teenager in there back in 91/92/3 time.

We can always pop back in there for more before the train back to Brum if need be !

One quick Q … as I tend to do due diligence on these things … the top 7 pubs listed on RB (and the Exeter Arms as you mentioned it) … presume these are all day pubs on a Friday at the moment.

Realise things have changed for some pubs during these past 2 years in respect to staying open all day!

I might get me passport stamped for this.


Good stuff Gary … it’s been a while

Presuming those of us arriving into Birmingham’s trains are reasonably right time we’re aiming for the 1330 fast to Derby arrive 1405 then Brunswick

Actually I’m in Whitby that week :man_facepalming:t2:

dam son

Got myself all excited there too. Next time.

I’m not sure that Suds & Soda has EVER been open during the day on Fridays. Not been for a long time due to them taking ages to reopen after lockdown. All other venues mentioned are definitely open Friday daytime (but some of them not Mon - Thurs).

PS just checked Facebook. Suds & Soda claim to open at 8.30am every day during the week !

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Hi Rich

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Suds and Soda have confirmed to me that they are open all day on Fridays

Doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to make this - sorry

Hi all, I won’t be able to make this one. Extremely busy work week next week so no chance of getting time off.

Did it happen?


First time to Derby (Darbee?) and it didn’t disappoint. Snagged 70+ ticks yesterday with train beers and such.

Derby stops:
Brunswick Inn
Exeter Arms (Dancing Duck)
Tap (Derby Brewing Co.)
Suds & Soda
Alexandra Hotel (Castle Rock)

Many thanks to @Theydon_Bois for organizing and @mR_fr0g, @SarkyNorthener +Shane, @RichTheVillan for making it such an enjoyable day.


Any chance of some place reveiws ?

I’m super backlogged on place rates back to September. I would say Brunswick Inn was best for new scoops as had their beers and guests on. 16 casks?/3 taps/3 BIAB Cider. Suds and Soda for craft.

My place backlog probably numbers 3 or 400 and goes back 4 or 5 years so dont rely on me … although i do chip away once in a while.

Quick summary for this trip.

Alex beats the Brunswick … maybe less beer on tap overall but the beers in the Brunswick were a bit samey … better variety in the Alex.

There were 8 BIAB ciders at Brunswick btw @SHIG … just we only picked up 3

Suds and Soda be my next pick

Smithfield next then the other 3 a bit further down the pecking order

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I only saw the 3 listed guess missed the rest of them, but only went to the bar once. I would agree to your summary, however for me Alex being last might have hurt it. I think if I was to go back Alex would kill the Brunswick as I doubt they change their beer out very often.