Determined Welshman Breaks World Record By Visiting 56 Pubs in 24 Hours

“A man from Wales has officially broken the Guinness World Record for “most pubs visited in 24 hours” — but don’t expect to find footage of him drunkenly stumbling into his final stop. Despite visiting 56 different pubs to achieve this feat, he only drank two pints worth of beer across his entire crawl.”

some serious place rate ticking here


Was in Jan @fonefan? :grin:


56 is about my average for beers tried during a typical GABF session but even that would take me up to 4 pints (albeit US ones at 473ml rather than UK ones at 568ml). Still fair play to him for putting the legwork in and completing the record in under 12 hours!

Only 56?? There’s 56 pubs within a square mile of my house.

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Go for it then and shoot for 3 total pints to really cement yourself in history.

He consumed 8.6 pints of orange juice and 5 pints of apple juice. Not sure why the necessity of so much fruit juice. Surely a sparkling water would suffice if alcohol wasn’t a requirement.

You know what, I will plan out a route out of sheer boredom. Because even if I went to a pub every 20 minutes it could be beaten in a day.

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No beer, no record!


The heartburn from that much orange juice would kill me. If you map it out and we figure out Guinness requirements I kind of want to fly over and try as long as we attempt at least a danish pint per pub and new rate.


What a slacker, the article says Cardiff has over 300 premises licensed to sell alcohol in a half square mile of space, and he only did 56!


Oh, I could totally do this.

That was the record by an individual. The record set by a team (of 13) was 250 in New York.

That’s a bar, pub or licensed premises every 5 minutes, and rules state a half pint must be consumed by at least 1 person.

I’d say if the pub was consulted beforehand, so you could order and pay immediately (it only takes 2 pubs with slow service to eff it up) it can be doable in, say, Birmingham.

I’m not saying I want to do it, or can do it, but of pure curiosity I’ve asked for more details. I’m told this can take 12 weeks, or if you pay them a fee, a few days.