DFH 120 vs. Evil Twin Heavy Triple

I’ve always been annoyed how expensive DFH 120 is. The cheapest I can get a 12-oz. bottle for is $10.50, and I’ve seen some bottle shops charge up to $17.99. As an option in the 17-18% Double (or Triple) IPA category, there is also Evil Twin Heavy Triple (aka Molotov Cocktail Heavy). You can get 16-oz. cans of it for as little as $7.99. Taste-wise, it’s truly an IPA, and the high ABV is surprisingly well-hidden. DFH 120, on the other hand, is very boozy, and comes off closer in taste to a Strong Ale or even a Belgian Tripel.

I think both are very mediocre beers. I don’t understand why people enjoy malty boozyness in hoppy beers.


Something something idiots something something parting with money.

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