Die Bierothek® online shop ratings

Eine Frage an die Runde.

I saw no entry for the Bierothek® online shop. In case I would like to share my experience with them, should I put it under the one of Bamberg oder wo?


I’d split them, add a new Online Shop.


I’d do as you would, but seeing that we have already some examples of that (like Biervana in München) I was actually wondering if adding the online shop would have been seen as a Duplicate location.

Yes this is difficult sometimes. We would need a new place category Online Shop and a special Places sections were you could list all the online shops. But as RB only comes up with unneccessary new “features” and does not really listen to user needs (we have a fantastic overview of online shops here in the forums) we have to sort this out ourselves. I second creating a new entry if you feel so, but please state Online Shop in the title.

I think there’s even a category for online shops now, isn’t there?
Okay, just looked it up - there is! It is intuitively called …internet-based.

I might spend a minute to say why I favour duplicate entries for shops with online business: storage conditions, freshness, service and info can very a lot between online shops and actual bottle shops, even from the same company.
A more detailed picture would be one with split entries. You could, for example, see that X has a great physical location, but they get rid of old bottles by sending them to people who’ve ordered in the webshop.