Kudos & Doppelprost! to @77ships who lately has been knocking out an impressive spat of place and beer ratings well worth reading in the Süddeutschland & DACH zone - I suspect under professional guidance of @Sinh4 and @Jonas.
Especially fun reading your CH, Munich and Bamberg reports.

Keep up the HQ travlwork, oh you Brave Avantgarde RB Triumvirate - with the site going downhill by the week we need the HQ Bierkultur input by well-travelled Europeans with an international outlook.


Thanks a lot. Indeed I was guided and hosted by @SinH4 and @Jonas which was lovely & very kind. Also met up with @anstei in Zurich.

I also noted that my finds were quite different from some recent reports. Notable a fellow Belgian who recently went to Bamberg and rated Ambräusianum notably higher than Schenkerla because the first one had a flight of beers and the later wouldn’t serve a sample. Quality and tradition wasted on tickers I would say despite being a ticker.


Indeed there are tickers and then there are tickers


Tickers are very necessary…! I’m glad that these people are so happy in miserable places like Ambräusianum, so the will not disturb my circles and show up in divine Bierkellers like Lieberth Dorfkeller in Hallerndorf…:scream:


Even if I myself am slowly developing into a family&friends-occasions-only drinker - It’d be fun to have a Benelux-German RB Brauereiwanderung aka brew crawl in Franconia one day, ideally in the Kellersaison MAY-OCT.

Say in Bamberger Umland, Franconian Switzerland from Stegaurach to the 5-Seidla-Steig, most of it on foot, - and see how everyone survives taking in the multiplying 50cl Seidla minimums at each stop… Now that would be taking #Bierkultur to the max!

Theoretically: vice versa for a German-led brouwerij crawl through Belgium, but alas we in Belgium have given up on many beautiful old school convivial drinking traditions for clinically refurbished tasting rooms catering to well-off couples and limited opening hours…


Would be a cool idea at some point in both directions.

There is no point over glorifying BE traditions, the highs are amazing but a lot of the tradition was just surly people drinking ubiquitous poor tripels etc. I think the scene has only improved in the last 10 years with the exception of a certain breed of lambiek hunters. DE is not too different with spectacular heights & plenty of mediocracy.