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Dieu du Ciel has a new look

Well after 22 years, the Montreal/St Jerome brewery has change logo and they are changing all their labels. What do you think? I’m not realy a fan of it!

Ya, I agree. Their “updated” look reminds me of the mikkeller look 8 years ago. Loses the sophisticated cool labels and art. I’d hate to see what the peche mortel label looks like now.

Someone on Facebook mention Mikkeller also.

Ya like a cheap simpsons illustrator knock off

What have they done…

I don’t think they look so bad, but certainly prefer the old versions.

Not an upgrade to their brand in my eyes.

The old labels suggest beers widely thought to be excellent over a number of years.

At present that is a poisonous impression to present on the shelves.

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There is some good news IMO, the labels on the bottles don’t change that much. Because the illustrator Yannick Brosseau makes some really cool artwork.

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