Discussion: Perfect 5 and Worst 0.5 not counting

Could it be a good thing that perfect scores of 5 and worst scores of 0.5 don’t count in the beer score when there’s enough ratings (like 10+) for the beer?

Not a good idea, I think… (I would even go further : 0/5 should be available…)

No (it would simply compress how people score), but I can imagine an alternative where the top and bottom 5% of scores are discarded to reach an adjusted score. Don’t think we have enough raters to make it work for enough beers though.


I would want both to count, I would like to give a beer a 0, if the beer is that bad. Chelada was aweful, of course I don’t like tomato juice. If I give a beer/mead a 5, I would want it to count. I would recommend that people have less than a certain amount of ratings (may be 10) don’t include them in the average, may be we already do this.

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interesting, it migth stop a bit of homerism if it wasnt known but over all i dont think a good idea

I also dont get how there are so many 0.5 out there.

For me it would need to be abysmally bad in every catagory.
and nearly Every CRAP lager/ mass market pish wouldnt get a 1 for flavout bit even if it did . They look like 90% of beers so would be a 3 for appearance

I certainly personally disregard almost all 0,5s as the chances of a beer screwing up every element that badly is very unlikly


It is true most beers do not deserve a zero for all components, but don’t you think it should be up to the person rating. If I want to give chelada and steel reserve a zero for taste, I would like the ability to do so.

If not counting 5 and 0.5, why have/allow it?

If not counting them, should I lower the few 5.0 to 4.9?

I’d say allow it.