Do meaderies/cideries, etc, not count towards one's brewery count?

I went into a share last night at 1299 breweries. I had 3 for the first time (2 being meaderies) and now sit at 1300. Just curious, but if we can rate meads on a site called ratebeer, I think they should count. If that’s not it, then there’s another site issue to report I guess…


This confused me for a while. At first I thought it was a bug, but it just seems that on your brewery stats page meaderies and cideries are included in the total, but on the brewery country page they aren’t. So on one page I’ve rated 123 Russian breweries, and on the other I’ve rated 115.

…and I’m looking at a third place - the total breweries listed on my home page, where they apparently don’t count :frowning:

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