Do you believe there are people that can get 6 to 10 new beers to try every day?

Normally I don’t really spend much time in forums but I just have to ask this question.
When I rate a beer I see that since I started an account on I am still under 1000 beers. Then I see people with thousands or tens of thousand ratings. SERIOUSLY they found over 10,000 different beers to try! So out of curiosity I started looking at their profiles and then did the math. For these users to have tried and rated this many beers from when they opened their account they would have to get their hands on an average 6 to 10 beers every day. This makes me think they are just making this up so they can show off how many beers they rated but in reality they haven’t tried that many. If they are getting their hands on this many different beers every day then I want to know how they do it cause I want in on that action.

Can’t speak for others, but I seem to have managed just under 1000/year over ~ 16 years - that’s less than 3 beers a day. One way is persistence - only do new beers / don’t drink beers previously rated. Exceptions made for really special ones. Share with a friend. Marcus and I share about 250 beers/year - meeting every two weeks for the most part. Those are 10 beer days. Take every chance to do tasters when multiple new beers are available. If a beer is cheap crap, rate it, but don’t hurt your body. Drain pour. Rate another one. Live in a locality where beer places provide new beer constantly and sell tasters on tap (I’ve 2 spots where 4 or 5 beers a day is easy - tho only once or twice a week). Live near a Total Wine and visit every few weeks. Live in an area where new breweries are putting out new (and good!) beers at an insane rate. Buy beer online. Attend a few festivals. Let rating consume a portion of your life.


In Vancouver I could get ~5 new beers a day, mostly on tap in tasters (4-5oz / 125-150ml).
This without even traveling.

The top raters dedicate much more time, energy and money than the average drinker.
As mentioned already, if you put together local availability, festivals, beer trips and bottle share you can get big numbers.

Consider that the larger the number of different beers, the smaller is the quantity of each that gets consumed.
Top raters are very fast, two sips then on to the next one.
A weekend in a nearby favorable American city like Seattle can give 150-200 ticks; of course, you don’t go for sightseeing, you just go from brewery to brewery.

To each his own.


People absolutely do get those numbers. However, you may not realize how tickers optimize their beer-drinking behavior and free time to collect rates. Guys with 10,000 rates + generally aren’t lone-wolf raters who are relying on swinging by their local shop and brewery to try new things.

A combination of beer-focused travel, coordinating with a large tasting group, actively attending festivals where there are likely new beers etc. really allows you to collect numbers.

If you don’t do those things, then yeah, it’s next to impossible to consistently put up 2000 rates a year.


Had not thought about those who live in big cities where there are bars, festivals, and other venues looking for new brews to attract people. I live in a more rural area where there is pretty much the same old brew every day of the week and the distributors here (stupid 3 tier system) are reluctant to give much variety. OK I can see where it is possible, just not where I live.
So to jump on board the beer tasting wagon I need to MOVE!

Absolutely. I did it for about 2 years. It takes a lot of work though. I was in a weekly tasting group, hit beer fests, and mapped out what was available at various places online in advance (and regularly traveled between 3 states). I was compulsive about it though, to the point where I set quotas for myself (an average of 7/day). It was exhausting though, and I have no idea how some folks at the top of the leaderboard can average double that…

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I live in a very remote area. I have 3 breweries within a 1 hour drive of me and none of them regularly put out new things. I travel to Lincoln/Omaha (which actually has a solid beer scene now and a couple fantastic stores with a Shelton Brothers Distributor) about once every 3 months and I try to stock up. That said, I easily hit 600 rates a year without even trying. That also consists of most of my rates being an entire 12oz bottle. I also do a bottle share with a friend to split bombers every other month and we usually knock out about 20 in a weekend. Add that to 2 fests I regularly attend where I usually get 40-50 at each fest (3ish oz each) and the numbers start to add up. Again, that is living in a remote area and is fairly easy to do. But I also do not regularly drink the same beer twice. I typically set a beer budget of $1,000 a year and usually don’t go over. Even not living in a great beer area, if I wanted to, I could easily hit 1,000+ beers a year. I just have no desire to spend the time or money on it. I could do this just by driving to Lincoln/Omaha (2.5 hour drive) once a month for a weekend trip. It’s a nice leveled hobby right now but it does not shock me at all the numbers some people put up.

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I live in NY, and I do not regularly fo bottle shares, but with the amount of breweries and bars in my city it is fairly easy to do six a day… that said, I do not drink on week days so I usually stuff 25 or so rates into a weekend. However, when I travel, things change. Still, I do not get nearly as many as the top tickers because I generally drink whole pours and share bottles with only my wife or a friend.

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I only travel a few times a year, only mail order a few times a year, only have a couple of regulars in my sharing group, of which only one regularly trades and mail orders, and I usually drink vaguely proper sized pours (e.g. thirds at UK beer festivals ~ 190ml) unless it’s a drainpour, and yet I managed 2500 new beers last year. That’s over 7 a day on average.

However, when I travel, I travel explicitly for beer hunting - if I’m going to see the sights in a new town, it will be on a pub crawl. And of course, when there’s a crazy ticker beer festival, I can switch into crazy ticker mode, which is a good way of providing me with up to 500 of my yearly haul.

So, yes, it’s very possible.

Moving is not essential, the top rater on RB lives very remotely if I am not mistaken.

Anyone hitting huge numbers is extremely likely to travel, attend beer festivals & beer events and likely not to consume full servings.

The easiest way to hit high numbers is to attend beer festivals with a group, share glasses & to work systematically. Tastings are another great way. You need to move around, attend events, preferably with people to share the beers and costs.

Several very active raters combine travelling with frequent tastings, beer festivals and organized bar visits. You need to see what works for you, getting more ratings is an infinite quest, except for one person on this planet, there is always going to be some one crazier, more possibilities to hit even more numbers etc.

Samplers, sips, sharing etc. are all highly recommended, I have seen & I know people doing thousands of beers per year with frequent full pours.

Maybe it’s just me, but drinking in this manner somehow seems quite detrimental to the actual enjoyment of the beer. To each their own though, cheers.


I’ve seen people do it, it is possible and the ratings are all real. Might cause liver and brain damage, but the ticking is legit.

If @fonefan ever gets liver damage, it comes from all the Schlenkerla, not from the ticks :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you think any of us actually enjoy beer? It’s all about the numbers.


Perhaps the smoke will act as a preservative.


In DC area there are tons of breweries, and at least 5 bars with upwards of 30 constantly changing taps that offer 4 oz pours for as little as $2. There’s also a lot of us RB users here, so we meet up at Churchkey to bingo the 55 tap list (a group of us sometimes do it) sometimes (sharing these 4oz tastes). We also have tastings every couple of months where you could rate 70 beers or so in a day. There’s also two great yearly festivals here where we usually do that number in a day, and then DC beer week and other beer-focused events where you can really pack in the numbers in a few days.

So here it’s a combination of a lot of kronies and a scene highly conducive to ticks. I’m originally from Canada and while Toronto has a similar bar scene as DC I can definitely say the sheer amount of breweries in the U.S. puts the availability of new ticks way above that of Canada.

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As an aside what are the two beer festivals in DC you say are worth it?

Snallygaster and Savor @mansquito . Savor is like $150 but is all you can eat and drink. I end up spending more at Snally, though they usually have some crazier beers at Snally. We usually have a big RB crew that goes to Snally

I just make all mine up.

Cheaper and less time consuming all round !!!


My average per year is between 1000 and 1200. Half are full bottles/cans and cask pints, the other half are from tastings with friends (only one is on RateBeer) and Flights when in the US and sharing at festivals.

Most of my holidays revolve around beers and wine, so getting to 1000 is very easy.

Yesterday for instance I got taken to two breweries in San Clemente (Artifex and Lost Winds), 21 new rates, 17 tasters in Flights and 4 shared 16 oz pours.

I have also seen some of the higher raters and how they drink: I kept up for three days before falling away!


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