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Do you rate NEIPAs high because they are trendy or because they are superior

I started to think about this a while back. When NEIPAs started, I feel like I usually rated them higher than other IPAs unless they were total fails just because that huge hop kick is so in your face. Now, a few years in, I feel like I’m more intuned to the failings of a big double dry hopped IPA. Those big hops help to hide a lot of regular failings in the brewing process for example, since you only smell the big hops right in the beginning. But it’s certainly an effective decoy. Since their shelf life is short, you could almost say there is often nothing besides the decoy. Thoughts?

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I probably subconsciously rate them lower because its a trendy style.


They usually taste good. They often taste different. Both are things to treasure.


Trendy? Hahaaaa, yeah, i’m Mr. Trendy. No. Because they’re superior? Fuck no, they aren’t. I give them decent scores because i dig’m. I’m also an IPA whore! BA beers are trendy too but ya don’t see me tripping over my own feet running out and hunting them down. Sheesh.


Any variation of an IPA gets a mediocre rating from me. I would say that I do generally rate NEIPA’s higher than regular old IPA or DIPA’s but that doesn’t mean I rate them highly or enjoy them. I would estimate that 1 in 10 regular IPA’s get’s a 3.5 or higher and 3 in 10 NEIPAs get a 3.5 or higher from me.

I don’t do ‘trendy’ and I don’t find them superior to other beers at all. I try and be objective rather than subjective when I rate a beer. My scores for cloudy IPA’s (without actually checking) will most likely mirror other IPA styles.


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I did check and they actually both have the exact same average score of 3.35 :open_mouth:

For me NEIPAs are on average rated 0.11 better than normal IPAs.

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I only drink craftbeer because it is trendy.


I wouldnt day the 2.4’s ive given quite a few of them is any higher than they deserve.

If it tastes like im chewing a hop cone, or leaves a dusty residue on swallowing it can get in the sea

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I like some of them. M-43 is good to me, but really there are a bunch that are just average to me also. Drink them fresh. It just depends if you like the juice bro.


So far I’ve rated the NEIPAs slightly higher but small numbers(27 vs 570) and a fair bit of what I consider to be dubious classification means it probably means nothing.

An interesting piece is here: The Economics of Opening a Brewery, a major point of which I paraphrase as “the popularity of hazy styles [is] encouraged by brewers because they don’t travel”.

If I like them I give them a good score. If I like it just ok I give it a just ok score.


I give them high score when they do taste good and are fresh. Have had lots with no good score too.
They are nice but I do not need to many of them at the same time. 6 pack no thanks.

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I rate Them lover typically.

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I love NEIPAs but do find myself tiring of them a little bit now, always nice to have a classic West Coaster these days which seems to be the new trend in the UK now… have we come full circle?

191 NEIPAs vs 558 IPAs, excluding Imperial and Session obviously. NEIPAs on average I rate 0.11 higher, not really that big of a difference is it?

Still plenty of them IPAs need a style change though :roll_eyes:

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Honestly, for me, having Modern Times as a local brewery may skew my opinion…

For the longest time I avoided their IPAs as “daily” drinkers because of the price point, but I’m slowly realizing that I’d rather have a $5 can of one of their IPAs that I’d put in the 4.3-4.4 range, than 2 cans of some generic $2 other local IPA that I’d probably put in the 3.6-3.7 range. the difference in quality is enough to justify the difference in price, in my mind.


Seems I actually don’t rate them at all. I’ve only had one and that got a pretty average score. I’ve got bored of pale hop juice and tend to aim for darker, maltier beers or sours these days. I long for a bitter and mild revival!


IPA | 3.35
IPA - Hazy / New England | 3.13
Pretty much what I expected.
I really like a few I’ve had but overall, the whole fruit juice thang has gotten old.
Plus I really miss the bitterness.
Lastly, the slurry/milkshake beers are unappealing enough to keep me from even giving them a shot.


I’ve only had the style from breweries in Wyoming and Colorado, iirc.
Just like any style, there are ones I like and ones I don’t like.
Bottom line for IPAs, I will take a good west coast over any of the other sub styles.


@solidfunk what do you mean by “regular failings in the brewing process”

Are you saying that hops can hide off flavours ? You say you’re in tune to the failings what exactly are they how do they present themselves to you ?

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