Does anybody have any Lambic from 1982 for trade?

Just curious. Would this even be good?

My 40th birthday is coming up in a few years, and I had a thought to track down a bottle from my birth year.

I have a long list of stouts, lambic, fresh ipas, etc. Hit me up if interested in parting with a dusty bottle.

Figured I would inquire. Thanks for looking!

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Can’t help you with the beer itself, but we opened a 1984 bottle of Bruocsella Grand Cru two years ago and it was very tasty. So yeah, it could be good.


Wow. Good to know.

I suspect a bottle of 1982 Cantillon Gueuze would be hard to find, let alone trade for it.

Is there a market for rare coral on this board still? I found some in my backyard…

Mikkeller were selling some old lambics so you may want to check their webshop.

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I have 80s Geuze but not 82 and older stuff also. Should be someone here who has 1982, pretty sure about that. Though not cheap.

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Thanks for the info!

Didn’t see anything on the Mikkeller shop.

Koelschtrinker - how would you value Gueuze from that era?

There are some facebook groups where you might have more luck then here … If you need pointers write me a pm … I think 1982 should be doable. Value depends on the bottle (and probably also brewery)

If the bottle was stored properly there is a good chance you will get something nice. I would say a higher chance with a Geuze then fruited beers. If I was to aquire a bottle I would ask about storing conditions (and number of previous owners), but especially fill levels. If fill levels are low there is a high chance you get an (expensive) bottle of vinegar…

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The easiest is trading for something that’s equal old, then the value is on a similar base. Otherwise of course hard to tell, it’s mostly a “what are you willing to trade” and “am I comfortable with giving it away”…for some old beers one can take alook at beerblackbook but you need to abstract the crazy factor to get to a realistic price. Crazy factor again raises when a beer gets older so I think I’m turing around in a circle.
Often people have already a vision of what they want in exchange for older stuff.

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Makes sense, and kind of what I was thinking.

Thanks again for the conversation!