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Does Anybody remember Ritter Zak Schwarzbier?

Marburger Brauerei made it. My bottle is over 25 years old.

Possibly pre-internet :slight_smile:

The brewery was closed in 2003… so not pre-internet, but “close”. :smiley: The kettles were shipped to Canada, would be interested to find out to which brewery

By the way… this person visited the brewery 4 years after it was closed, really cool site:

Got any pictures of the beer? :smiley:

Btw, I was in Marburg for a conference in January 2013 and at some point not that far away from the former brewery area, but it was apparently completely demolished before than and there’s an university building and a large parking spot now at the spot, wouldn’t have known it was there even if I was standing on top of it.

A town very much worth visiting, even though the beer scene there, apart from, of course, ticks, obviously wasn’t thrilling.

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