Does anyone actually like the new Places landing page?

This, that is:

In my personal opinion - soulless, uninteresting, catering to a platform that’s inherently less practical or used for Places, actually takes longer to get to country lists (offers two ways to get to them, both requiring more effort than it was before).

What’s your take? Can you see any pros I fail to see?

Meh! It’s logical, and you should blame it on the insistence for more and more regions. Likely a case of beware what you ask for!

That could’ve easily been settled by a hybrid solution. Or a clickthrough for those countries. Cumulative clicking reduced by a shitton.

These “now it looks tidy but more effort is required to get there” solutions are one of the more annoying things of RBs redesign. But here, this also does absolutely nothing to get one exploring things, everything’s hidden away, dull, invisible. Literally what’s being a major peeve for a lot of people about RB in general.

It is rather ‘bland’ isn’t it.

I am just happy there are more countries with regions to explore, so I can except this new layout. Hopefully it will morph into something better as RB blasts into the future.


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Not bothered about it… however I like the fact that the tabs for cideries, etc, have also appeared. Although I may have just failed to notice them until a couple of days ago.

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We are talking about the Places landing page, not the Breweries landing page. That is a pro for the brewery page, however, though not as much of a pro but a functionality incomprehensibly absent until recently.

The mobile view is a huge improvement over the old one.
The desktop view isn’t more attractive that it was before. Knowing that it’s a temporary design until they upgrade it to Phoenix, I’m okay with it. I don’t botter the list of country gone in favor of a dropdown menu because it looked like shit anyway before (tiny fonts in a huge screen) and for me, scrolling on the global menu doesn’t take more time than scrolling the old country listing since I often do multi-screen. On desktop, I prefer to input a few letters to reach the good country anyway.
In the meantime, if they could input a GLOBAL DROPDOWN and a REGION DROPDOWN on every pages (both brewer and places pages directory, on country level and region level), this would be a good way to switch from one page to another without the need to always press BACK multiple times to get to another page.

Ah, I see, so it’s better on multi screen and on mobile view (of a site with an app). Quite niche choices to base a design on. As a temporary design, it makes more sense, though. Though how temporary, that’s always the question on Ratebeer.

They told me not more than a few years so no worry.

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Ah, enough time for everyone to leave.

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Moderately functional for high intent users, and provides absolutely nothing for anyone else. A lot of wasted opportunity, mostly.