Does anyone know South Side Brewing Co. AB in Sweden?

I’m looking to do some beer travel in Sweden and I heard they have great beer. The website seems to be down though, and I’m having trouble finding much on them. Any help is appreciated.

According to Ratebeer it has shut down (unfortunately the “not in production” tag is not very clear, at least on the mobile version).

The fact that the brewery’s website and Facebook page are dead seems to confirm this.

Perhaps @gnoff has some more details, as a Swedish admin.

They closed about a year ago.

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South Side was a funny name for a brewery that must have been among the most northern in the world.

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This page

State they are active, with phone number:

Though this page with an interview with the owner from August 2018 state they’ve brewed their last beer

There have been a massive surge of breweries in Sweden the past 5+ years, though with the alcohol laws we have it can be hard to do some “real” beer travel.

No breweries are allowed to sell any beer for take away, unless they have permission to sell beer of max 3.5% ABV.

Also for a brewery to have a tap room for sampling on site they either need a restaurant, which few have, or a limited “taste bar” where they normally can serve up to max 15 cl of each beer per person.
There are a number of breweries that have started such taste bars, but most are only open on weekends, and not with any certainty at that.

Visiting say Gothenburg or Stockholm would give you a shot at visiting quite a few, but im Skellefteå and other parts of northern Sweden will be more difficult.

Else you are left with goverent monopoly store Systembolaget to buy alcohol for bringing with (20 year age limit) and bars for drinking on premises (bars are also forbidden to sell for tale away).

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