Does beer get its color from grain?

Do blacker brews start with roasted malts, dried over higher heat than the pale malts used in Pilsners and IPAs?

“What Gives Beer Its Color?
The short answer is: Mostly malted barley”

May dark grains be cooked hot and fast like coffee beans, toasted low and long, or smoked over beech or alder?

Do tastes of caramelized and charred sugars translate to the glass? #wsj

You need to develop a home brew library!

Is pee stored in the balls?


Finally this thread is on track.


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As far as I know coffee beans are not roasted hot and fast, they are slowly roasted.

If the homebrewing books were right, the barley is subjected to slightly higher temperatures only in the end; the beginning of the process is same for all “colours”.
Also, for a dark beer you would use a small percentage of dark malts; the bulk is still made up by relatively pale malts.
If the books…