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Dominican beers for trade

Hey BeerRaters

I’m just back from Punta Cana and have purchased only couples of craft beers over there, which means that I have one extra of no less than 4 craft beers.
Those are Republica Tina Bazuca (American amber) and all three from Walden (IPA, PA, Stout).
Those were all purchased directly from the master brewer at Walden, Mario, who hand-delivered them to me last Sunday (25th of October). I’ve brought them directly back to Paris, France.
I insist on the “craft”. those are not mass-produced p!ss-poor quality El Presidente but genuine local products, using a maximum of locally sourced ingredients.

Ideally, an exchange with someone in the South part of Paris, France would be ideal. With the lockdown resuming tomorrow, that’s probably to be forgotten, though. All 4 beers should go altogether.
I’m chiefly interested in IPAs.
So I appeal to the hardcore completionists who would like to tick another country in their list!



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