Dominion as Two Places?

Got a beermail from IPhonephan asking if I could change Dominion Wine to a bar with taps. But is it that simple? Thoughts on adding a second place in the same location; one covers the beer store and the other the bar/restaurant?

Here’s how what seems to be a similar situation has been handled for several years:

This could get messy, IMO. There are a bunch of multi-purpose places out there, but if they’re run under one business model I’d think keeping it as one place is best. That being said I know little about Dominion, but I’ve been to other “bars with taps” that have also been to-go beer stores and are listed as one place here.

Their hours are identical between floors and you can order full pours at the bar of the downstairs taps. Maybe Mayor @DCLawyer can chime in since he lives there. To me, it’s similar to places like Beer Run in Charlottesville, just separated into two floors.


When it first opened, they weren’t allowing beer pours from downstairs to be poured upstairs, so the question made a lot of sense. If they really are allowing beer pours from downstairs to be at the bar, I suppose it makes sense.

The situation at Westover Market And Beer Garden is that the the bar/beer garden is basically separate from the market (you definitely can’t walk around with your beer around the store, at least the last time I was over there), so I think it kind of makes sense in that case.

My beer mail was to merely point out the description of the place and number of taps needs updating. I think it should remain as one place. Also some of you may need to update your ratings of this place.

One license, same hours upstairs and downstairs, can now wander freely between the two levels with beers purchased from either POS. I think one entry. 36 taps, food, beer to go, drink on-site. So whatever that entity should be. Also, try the fucken chicken sandwich.

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I just posted my new/updated review.

Jesus, seems like I kicked off an argument. I have no dog in the fight, I was just wondering what was best. I guess I’ll abide by what the unwashed masses want and change the entry.

Better an civil argument than no discussion at all. Lets the common folks see the reasoning behind these kinds of decisions. Thanks for starting this thread.

Just found another side by side today - when the brew kit is in the same place as the restaurant or tap room - it looks like one place - but if someone were checking in places and only the brewery were listed (in breweries) they wouldn’t find the location at all. For that reason I’d say make it two places. What does it harm?

Notwithstanding my earlier comment, I would note that Churchkey and Birch & Barley are separate entries, and they share the same taps. So there are good reasons for one or two listings, I guess. Also, this is not really an argument. More of a conversation.

To me, I think about it this way: someone wanting to grab some growlers or a six pack from an awesome spot will be looking for a beer store. Dominion is. But if it’s listed as a restaurant, then it might push retail shoppers away.

Same applies the other way, if someone wants a delicious chicken sandwich and a pint of Master of Karate, they won’t know to get it if Dominion is only listed as a beer store.

Franklin’s in Hyattsville is listed as a brewpub, but the name is literally “Franklin’s Restaurant, Brewery and General Store” which I think helps clarify some confusion.

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Or confuse some clarification …

It should be three entries. I take my beer to the bathroom on the third floor, stop by the kitchen, and they give me some free tastings of new recipe ideas. So first floor is bottle shop, second floor is bar, and third floor is restaurant for peeing and tasting. Done.


I hate all of you people


Maybe I’ll make it four places and advertise one as @DCLawyer 's child brothel. Make sure I post all the contact info with my boys at Breitbart.

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@nimbleprop Do remember that I know where you live and you know what I do for a living (i.e. my client base)

Too latr already published this story with Vice ( you know what I do for a living :smile::smile::smile:)

@nimbleprop So I guess we are leaving it as one entry? Just asking for a friend.

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