Don't you just love an Eastern European mini market in the UK?

My local Eastern European mini market is Prince International in south Ashford.

It’s given me more Lithuanian and Romanian beers with some Polish, Czech and Slovakian beers thrown in than anywhere else in the past 2 years. I go about 3 times a year just to pick up some new beers. I got 7 last weekend and will be going through them on Friday evening.

Do you have a favourite local Eastern European mini/supermarket??

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Lithuania just over took Isle of Man and Greece in my countries. Weird.


Around here you just get Polish lagers and the occasional Romanian one. Liked the ones in Therford though, with their Latvian and Lithuanian offerings.

Been meaning to check out the shops in London a Ukranian colleague goes to. Although she now owes me beers for coaching.

My local has a fairly decent selection

Polish and Lithuanian mainly.

Nothing much in Shropshire, but this joint in Lincolnshire was a great surprise and I’ve visited three times now:


Good to see that they do a range of non-pale lagers