Doubts about style score

I do not know if anyone knows how the algorhytm works, but maybe someone can explain it to me in a simple and understandable way.

Take this beer as example:

Before my rating, style score was 81
After my rating (which is still a good 3.1), style score dropped to 59
I saw another user rated it with 3.3 a couple of days later and style score raised to 64.

How could my rating, being just one out of 26, destroy their style score ?

Maybe your rates are just so way out from everyone else on here that you frag all style scores😁

Having a look at the ratings of that beer, mine is more or less like the others. But looking at my stats is one of the lowest score I gave in Helles category. If it is so, I feel guilty now :roll_eyes:

Look at the stats page for this beer and you will see the spread of scores (indeed you are pretty typical) and also that you are the first to rate it since 2014. No doubt there has been a slight rejigging of the algorithm since then. It appears that the application of the new algorithm doesn’t happen sitewide but only when beers are rated or rerated. So your rate not only counted but kicked in changes to the scoring system.

With unpopular (on RateBeer) styles it is possible for perverse things to happen to score because the algorithm “guesses” a normal score of 2.75 (or something like that) which stops things like imperial stouts getting really high scores with few ratings but actually biases the style ratings of pale and most other lagers up for examples with few ratings. But the main thing here is you were the first to rate this for a while and you bumped it onto the new scoring method.

Can also be that a beer has been moved there, or an alias has been done to that beer, but the admin forgot to hit the “fix score” button after.
Then when you rated the score did get fixed, which happens for every rating normally.

Scores are not recalculated until a beer is rated again. You were the first rater in 5 years, so the score changed dramatically. Who is the other user that rated it recently? It’s just you.

Koelschtrinker rated it two days after me :wink:

Ah, yes: I was sorting by most recent, but doing so means his rating from 2019 shows up in between ratings from 2005 and 2014. #ratebeer

Most Recent:

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What Andy says.
The reason here is that in 5 years there have been tons of other Helles added to the site, possibly with a better score, so that pushed the beer down within the style.

The score is a percentile, it’s in relation to other beers (62 means better than 62% of the beers on the site), so the score changes not only because of your rating, but also because of other beers.


Stupid mandatory sort-by-language “feature” that nobody asked for, ever #ratebeer

Thanks! This clarifies a lot. And makes sense. After 8 years on RB I finally understood what the style score is. So it is easier to influence an overall when a beer has not that many ratings.

Thanks for clarifying

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