Drake’s apostrophe

their logo and their web site:

both include an apostrophe.
but not their listing here:
or therefore the default brewer name of their beers here. can this be fixed?

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I seem to remember a mass renaming script/tool for admins, but it looks like I’m no longer able to use it. I’ll check to see if I can get some help from someone else.

Please do not use that. It does not work properly and scrambles all the beer names.


And IIRC apostrophes were a main part of the problem with the tool…

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Might be why it’s not available anymore. I didn’t remember the specifics of it.

I asked our fearless leader JoeT to try to bulk rename them, because I am not really interested in doing it manually for nearly 700 beers.

Love this thread. The name has me thinking of Jacob’s Ladder

Started a little, immediately ran into something odd.

Wonder if these two are the same beer - the Good Things one calls itself a “San Leandro Tripel”.

But who knows.

thanks! and good question. googled “Drake’s” “St. Leander’s Tripel”: “About 0 results”. but drake’s and 21st Amendment could’ve each brewed a version. abvs slightly different. who knows!

At this point I don’t know that we’ll ever find out since the beers were released 7 years ago. It seems a little suspect that there would have been two separate tripels brewed around the same time, but as zebra pointed out, it’s also quite possible that each brewery made their own version.

Alright, they should all be fixed now.

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wow, good work :slight_smile: