Driver & Guide for day trip from SF to Sacramento, via RR & Napa Valley

I’m an Aussie visiting SF in August with two other folks. They’re mostly wine people but through my homebrewing and love for craft beer they’re mostly onboard with craft now. Well, to be honest, they’ve been to Russian River and I haven’t, but I digress.

Anyway, we’re planning to take a day trip from SF to Sacramento on a Thursday in August, and obviously we don’t want to do the driving. Can anyone recommend a guide or other type of tour which would do a one-way tour from SF (A hotel in Lombard st is the starting location) for three Aussies ending up in Sacramento around dinner-time?

Russian River is compulsory, and I believe they wish to visit one or two Napa wineries. Stone in Napa is of course on the list, based on that.

Does anyone have any recommendations?