Driving through Chicago

Hello. Traveling from MN to Cincinnati over the weekend and will be spending a few hours in Chicago before making the trek to Ohio. Planning on staying in Elgin Friday night and making tentative plans to hit up Revolution brewpub, Binny’s (lincoln park location), and possibly Off Color. I’ll be traveling with my 17 & 15 year old boys. Also looking for suggestions for authentic hot dog places close to I-90.

Good luck finding anything at Binny’s; their beer selection is pretty poor these days (a lot more spirits). Check out MORE Brewing and Standard Meadery in Villa Park. The former is family-friendly, but I’m not sure about the latter (I haven’t been there but they make good stuff, and they just had a special event that they’re still pouring stuff from, according to their online menu). I’d also look at Rev’s menu before you go because while there is good stuff available sometimes, it goes a lot faster than it used to.

Check out Streetside Brewery in Cincinnati and eat at Eli’s BBQ right down the street (I lived there from 2008 to 2014 and still go back periodically, and both are great spots). Listermann isn’t what it used to be, but Nine Giant has good beer and great food. There isn’t an admin for Chicago anymore that I’m aware of since TheAlum ragequit the site, but phaleslu is still in Cincy and may have some other good recommendations for you (along with alexsdad06, who isn’t an admin but knows his stuff).


We will be staying a little outside of Cincy (in Mason). Anything worth visiting out that way? Looks like Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield will be a stop.

I just visited Chicago in May (and used to live there a bit).

Hot Dogs: My fav place is Fatso’s in the Ukrainian Village. But, to be fair, it is hard to find a bad dog in Chicago and there are lots of worthwhile places.

Breweries: I’d still say Off Color is my fav. Some people love Dovetail (I didn’t get out to it but had a few of their beers). Metropolitan if you want lagers. FWIW, I am not a Rev fan.

Bars/Stores: I still think Hopleaf, Beer Temple, and Map Room are the most worthwhile bars. But I am a bit old school that way. Beer Temple has a store as well and a well curated selection. Might be worthwhile to go there and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

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Jungle Jim’s is worth checking out, both for the beer and the incredible food selection. That is near where @alexsdad06 lives, so he can probably speak to options around there better than I.

Cappy’s is probably worth your time.

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On our way through Chitown, I made stops at Revolution, Beer Temple, Binny’s (Lincoln Park), and Off Color. Beer Temple and Off Color were highlights. I liked Beer Temple with their excellent selection and bar. I only visited their bottle shop but found the ambience to be nice. Off Color the beer guy was knowledgeable and was able to point me to beers of interest. We ate at Fatso’s which was excellent (would like to visit again to try the Italian beef, burgers, and other). Loved the fries as well. Maybe even a boozy shake sounds fun if I decide to splurge.

Haven’t visited any place in Mason, but plan to hit up Cappy’s. Jungle Jim’s but probably on the way back out of town.