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DruncanVeasey hits 9,000 rates

I don’t know this guy personally, but I find his reviews are always informative and often hilarious. For me, he’s the best reviewer on RateBeer.

Congratulations on your milestone, DruncanVeasey. Here’s to your next 9,000.

Yeah. Loved it when he popped up again. Cheers Duncan. Carry on rating!

Yay! Nice one!


That’s a lot of hote golds! Congrats!

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Cheers chaps. Actually still hanging on 8999 as I don’t count my one solitary ‘tick’, which I’ve now deleted. Bizarre the number varies depending on which device you view the site from. Looks like the site has been tweaked severely in my absence. Anyway, back to the 1977 Ansell’s Strong Ale (my ceremonial 9K) and the backlog…Should be hitting 10K by the end of the week!


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