Dry Hopping (and Multiple Aliases)

If a beer is brewed a second time but is now dry hopped would that count as a new version?

I only ask because two local breweries have just produced a second collaboration. However they’re releasing them under different names (one of the two are oldschool bitter peddlers Hogs Back and like all oldschool bitter peddlers they’re obsessed with rebadging beers).

The thing is that HB have also possibly rebadged their own version. Originally released as Little Shoat but but now called Little Swine. If they should count as the same beer can the original be aliased twice?

(It may be that they brewed the beer once at Tilford and then again on their own kit?)

Many factors help decide if a beer deserves a new entry.
Some of the most important ones are:

  • clear labeling (also on brewery board)
  • clear marketing
  • different packaging
  • full batch

On the other side, dry hopping one cask is most likely not a good reason.

In your case, we have at least the new name.
If you are talking of a full batch that has been hopped differently, and not just a cask, you can add the new beer (and please add a note with the info you have including the hop)

This is a full batch that has been hopped differently. There is photographic evidence:)

However I am going to wait for a response from the brewery. Seems odd that it’s apparently brewed at Tilford (more of a nano brewery) and then released under two different names.