Dry January

So currently I am doing Dry January for the first time, don’t suppose anyone else is doing it? Have had more alcohol-free days the past year which will make this month easier, and after getting back into mountain biking /enduro a couple of months ago its my attempt to clear my head a bit and focus on improving my fitness in that area. Those are my reasons anyway. That and seeing a good friend in hospital through alcohol abuse in November (thankfully OK, but can no longer drink alcohol). Will post back at the end of the month.

Avoiding alcohol free beers / wine. Sparkling water and tea will do fine. Hoping my palate will feel refreshed and I can appreciate beer more.


No bottle share in Jan then @minutemat?

I am on Try January and have already tried 18 new beers this year.



I don’t normally post on here but visit daily.
I felt strong enough to reply.
Feel sorry for your pal & good luck with Dryanuary.
Your post gave me a thought check but I’d rather enjoy my love of beer.
Hope all goes well.
February will be good for you.

Paolo is doing it too, I did suggest a share Sun 2nd or Mon 3rd then another later in the month but not heard back from everyone yet.

@simontomlinson cheers. Its precisely my love of beer that I want to continue, and hopefully improve. Good mentally and physically to take a break. Got the new Cloudwater / Olivers collab waiting for me Feb 1st.


I am in Brugge that first weekend in Feb, so wouldn’t have been able to make it.

Hope you manage the whole 31 days of Jan, you’ve got the will power, but you’ve also got loads of beer that needs drinking (fresh).

I am intending to calm down once back home (land 15th Jan), so maybe not having a share is a bonus for me. I have piled on the weight while over here in Cali and a sensible two weeks before Brugge is what I need.


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Sounds like you could join us for the second half of the month Jeremy :wink: Your liver will heal itself completely in two weeks.

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Did this last year, well, almost. Went from Jan 5 until Feb 6 without beer. Only had a single N/A beer in that time. However, I kept on buying beer, so by February I had a rather large collection of stuff to get through. :beers:

Personally I didn’t find it that tough, especially after the first week, although I usually only drink on two to three evenings a week.

Anyway, I wish you luck with this. Definitely worth doing.

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Good for you Mat!

I find Dry January a bit of mass hysteria, but at the same time it’s rather confronting. I’m a regular drinker and I drink one, sometimes two beers almost daily. Occasionally I drink more, but really only at festivals and tastings and I don’t attend to many of those and I’m not much of a pub crawler. I don’t mind not drinking at all if there’s a good reason (like having to drive). While I don’t consider myself a heavy drinker, other people do :wink:

What I find confronting is that when thinking of it I immediately have reasons not to do a dry January, apart from the fact the mass hysteria that puts me off (it’s the next Valentine’s Day ffs). See, January doesn’t really fit well, because coming Saturday I already planned to go to a festival with friends, the next day I’m going to visit Nevel brewery as part of a special crowdfunded beer brew day, then later in Jan there’s my and my partner’s birthdays, and I have nice selection of fresh hoppy beers in the fridge (and plenty of others I’m anxious to try), etc… all excuses of course. And I know next month there will be more excuses. That’s what’s frightening me a bit.

Perhaps I’ll sneak in a couple of dry weeks soon… perhaps I should.

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Yeah I get the ridiculousness of national campaigns… But at the same time I’ve wanted a month off for a while, it’s the easiest month to do it so I’d prob do it anyway. The fact its a ‘thing’ meant it came up in discussion with a friend, I dared him to do it with me, and he agreed. So its served a good purpose. He has high blood pressure, cannot remember his last alcohol free day and needed that push.

There’s numerous events this month like a Cloudwater tap takeover / meet the brewer nearby - but you can look at every month and something will be happening.I’ve deleted Untapped and unfollowed all beer groups for the month but will follow again in Feb.


@minutemat is still hosting the monthly beer share, but he has ordered some alcohol free bottles and cans, so we will all have a booze free session but still be able to rate if we wish.


Yes chap… 35 cans / bottles, not all insipid pale lagers… Got 4 Mikkeller, To Ol, Nogne O… Stouts, sours, fruit beers even Adnams, Harvey’s, Thornbridge and others. It’s actually been an eye opener seeing what alcohol free beers are about. Easier than ever now for those struggling with the idea of a week or two off.

If you’re desperate for a real beer after the bottle share the new place nr the Station that opened while you were away should be open til 11pm

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