Dubious M&S Beer

FAO admins. This M&S beer looks a bit dubious https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/marks-spencer-route-490-ice/591332/

Added recently and retired. Google search doesn’t reveal very much. Anyone seen this one out in wild?

Ask alexmate, he rated it.


@alexmate what’s the story with this beer?

Good idea.

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I wouldnt waste my time, Just delete it.

Seems legit. Carol in M&S Shrewsbury is going to see about ordering it in.

The only results on Google for that are the Ratebeer page, an eBay listing for a bottle opener/fridge magnet, and a very 90s looking website, which may well be alexmate’s own? To be fair to him he does say in his review that it is long since discontinued so perhaps it’s really really old, like before RB even existed kind of old?

But then… an M&S beer brewed in the US? Do they even have M&S over there? I am intrigued by this one but seriously doubt its authenticity considering there is nothing of any substance on the internet about it.

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If it’s not been available commercially at the time of entry, shouldn’t it be deleted?

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The rule is to not enter retired beers as they are no longer commercially available. I brought this issue up in a different thread:


The beer in question, however, is still in the database. :face_with_monocle:

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The beer is also mentioned in a post dated 2008 on this site:

No other information, however. It does indeed seem a little dubious.

Sorry, I added it. I didn’t realise the beer had to still be available before adding it, it is a genuine beer and all details are correct, it probably hasn’t been in circulation since the early 2000s, feel free to delete it if you want.

I’ve still got a couple of bottled beers from the 40’s. I’ll refrain. From adding and opening.

Thanks for Replying Alex. To be honest I’m personally in favour of a more inclusive policy when it comes to beers like this. I think the database is better off for have more beers in it rather than less. I just wanted to make sure that it existed and was added correctly, because it didn;t look like an M&S beer. I’m now satisfied that it’s at least correct.

I leave it to the admins to make the decision on it.

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“Yukon Gold Takes U.S. By Storm The introduction of Yukon Gold into the U.S. has been reported as one of the most successful launches of an Imported beer. Yukon Gold is already marketed in 12 U.S. states including California, Texas and Michigan. It’s success Is almost as legendary as the exploits of the notorious Daley Floggit, who is the personality created in advertising of Yukon Go(d. Yukon Gold has also been promoted through a major publicity campaign featuring a Northwest Mounted Policeman driving a dogsled through the major markets in the Western Stales. It’s Been a big hit.This is only the start of Old Fort’s drive into the U.S. market.”

I thought the rule was a retired beer could be included in the database as long as it had been brewed after Ratebeer had started.


Add A New Beer
Search for the beer name before adding
The beer must exist commercially and be in production.
The recipe must be unique. No cask, nitro, etc. variants of the same recipe.

Sometimes the beer leaves the world and returns. I got an ancient Watney’s Red Barrel from England, which had moved to brewing in Canada.


This is an old bottle from the Stag Brewery.Poured amber gold with a large frothy off-white head. Smells lightly malty with a touch of carmel Medium minus body with lightly frothy carbonation. Flavor is light sweet malt with not a lot of hop. Ends with a very mild stroke of toffee - maybe from age. Quite drinkable, but it’s not unlike a macro with a little breadiness. Not sure why it was granted the royal warrant., especially since the label indicates it’s for export.

I’m in favour of that too, but like tommann said I swear I remember reading that a beer could/should be added as long as it was brewed after RB started (which if what alexmate said was true would include this beer). But yeah it appears the guidelines state otherwise, though they are guidelines, not hard constraints.

It would be nice if the “date added” field was editable by admins and used more like a “date released”, that way an admin could edit it to reflect an early 2000s date rather than it looking like it’s a new 2018 release.

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Some beers where grandfathered in. Don’t mess with those babies.

I’m quite relaxed about the addition of retired bottled beers as they can still find their way into peoples stashes and so there is some interest in the tasting of aged bottles.
I have received some old collections in the past plus there is a market for vintage beers, all part of the greater beer world. Not sure about adding defunct Breweries though, that would take some thought.