Dubious M&S Beer

There was an old thread about some retired Cantillons that people still had bottles of and the admins wouldn’t allow them to be entered.

Which means that any beer that’s a one-off batch for a single client can never be entered.
It starts life in production. Then it stops being in production as it it shipped to the client. Then it is commercially available.

Good point.

But not a useful one. The “in production” needs to be taken broadly rather than narrowly. Most all craft beers go out of production frequently, if the process from brewing to canning/bottling is taken as production. Have to stop making A to start making B. And many “one-off” beers return to the world in furtherance of profits.

It would probably make more sense to drop the “in production” and go with:

"The beer must exist commercially "
or even “The brewer must exist commercially”

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You’ve rated the wrong Red Barrel. That’s the Canadian one which is different, as per the description.

Although it looks like you are the only person with what I’d call a genuine rating, in that you actually had a bottle. Most if not all of the others seem to be by people with vague memories of a beer they drank 30 years ago.

True dat. Just couldn’t resist the post back then. Didn’t “analyze” - just went on label.

And I do apparently have a Watney’s rating that’s in the right spot:


Watney’s excited me because a local “English pub*” 's owner from the Mids had gone back to England and bought a huge amount of pub/brewer memorabilia and Watney’s Red Barrel was quite prominent. Too bad it was crap beer.


Really do we have to talk filthy on here. Please don’t mention Watney Red Label. There are some CAMRA members who haven’t had their medication yet.

? Sure the sun is over the yard arm for CAMRA members?