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Dublin 15.08-18.08

Hi guys. Travelling to Dublin for a couple of days in August (from 15th to 18th) with my wife. Staying in a hotel near Aviva Stadium.

I will take a look at the places section later but, Is it updated? Any new good venue in the city? I am specially interested in a place with craft irish beer and good live Irish music. Any idea???

Also, we are going to The Big Grill Festival (https://www.biggrillfestival.com/) on Saturday. Is not a strictly craft beer festival but there will be a good range of craft beers and ciders.


See www.BeerGuideDUB.com for places I like.

The Cobblestone pub is famous for it’s traditional music and has some decent (Irish) craft beer.

The Porterhouse (Temple Bar is my fav but Central is also good) have live music and good beer. The music will be “Irish” (in that it is performed by people from Ireland) but I seem to remember sometimes the styles vary. I’m not really there for the music so I don’t always pay attention :slight_smile:

A lot of place will have music on the weekends .

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Thank you

Hi Taboada,

I’m a bit out of touch these days - but…

Against the Grain is a good spot - with some good Irish beers (linked to Galway Bay brewery) - http://www.galwaybaybrewery.com/againstthegrain/ . No live music though.

A new-ish venue is The Big Romance http://thebigromance.ie/ but I haven’t tried it yet - not too many Irish beers by the look of the menu online at least.

I’ve also been meaning to try J W Sweetman https://www.jwsweetman.ie/ - they have a range of their own beers plus some other Irish ones, as well as an international selection.

Hope this helps! Enjoy

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@Taboada You can check my place ratings from 2017 when I was there. Tried to visit a lot of places so maybe that will help! We probably had the same hotel, I was there for a concert back then, stayed at a hotel very close to Aviva Stadium

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Oh yes forgot to add, I totally agree about the Porterhouse Temple bar - good beer, good live music, and great atmosphere!

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Thank you guys.

Underdog bar was most beer geeky place and my favorite not sure on live music though.

Urban Brewery was sleek and ok for food and stuff

JW Sweetmen didn’t impress me it very central located so worth a stop.

Porterhouse temple bar was pretty good as was against the grain (although latter a little different part of town)

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Cool. Thank you.

I was there last month, check out my place ratings. Urban Brewing and The Brew Dock were right by my hotel and highlights.

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After taking note of your recommendations, ratebeer places and doing some search…I had selected the next places:

J.W. Sweetman
Urban Brewing
Porterhouse Temple Bar
Bar Rúa
Gasworks Bar

Traditional Irish Music Places
The Cobblestone
Pipers Corner

New Irish breweries hunting:
Trouble Brewing @ “Big Grill Festival”
Dot Brew @ “Big Grill Festival”
Wicklow Wolf @ “Big Grill Festival”
Urban Brewing @ “Urban Brewing”
J.W. Sweetman @ “J.W. Sweetman Brewpub”
Boyne Brewhouse @ “Big Grill Festival”
Carrig Brewing @ “Rúa Bar”
Black Donkey @ “Big Grill Festival”
Hopfully Brewing @ “Big Grill Festival”
Kildare Brewing Co @ “Big Grill Festival”
5 Lamps @ “Pipers Corner”
9 White Deer @ “Pipers Corner”
Four Provinces @ “The Cobbleston”
Brewtonic @ ¿?¿?¿

More to come once there :).

I went to Dublin in Feb and had a one day stay I would suggest must-see Temple bar there. I was on a business trip so just had 2-3/hr.
You can also check this forum https://travelsites.com/slow-europe-forum/ it’s specifically for Europe traveler.

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