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I note that I am about to overtake this Gentleman in the overall raters table. A sad day, never met him but he is the reason I and @minutemat have so many Canadian rates.

He stopped rating beers on here in 2018, hope he is OK, he seemed a solid guy.


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There’s a Duffman on Untappd from NY. Could that be him?

He’s based in Canada, unless he moved to New York. Didn’t know he stopped rating. That’s a shame, he contributed a lot. Probably because of AB inbev, like so many others although ironically it looks like they’ve stopped investing any time or resources in the site.


He’s AlbertaDuffMan on UT.

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Of yeah, we’re friends there.

I now find myself between @drowland and @daknole, two other long standing members who no longer bother rating. Often seen drowland’s rates but don’t recall ever seeing any from daknole, he must have been drinking different stuff to me.

I find it sad that I am moving up the ladder at the expense of lapsed ‘good guys’ (I am assuming they are good guys?).


Recently passed @chriso on the list and I know if he had put his rating/backlog he would have completed RB at least 3x now.

It’s sad, but at the same time it’s encouraging to still see a lot of new guys with under 500 ratings. Let’s hope they continue.

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Yes, @chriso used to be a very active admin and an all round ‘good egg’. Met him a couple of times and we have a mutual friend away from beer (a tee total Grimsby Town fan). His imput is sadly missed.


It’s great to see new members starting to build their ratings, as you say let’s hope they continue. Not too sure how we can encourage them to stay though, any ideas?


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Free stuff please :grin:

On a serious note I think the site needs to encourage more users to use the forums in some way. If you feel part of a community even if its just online, I think more will stay for longer.



I suppose you know what Chris is doing right now …? :slight_smile:

No I don’t @joes, do you?

I do know he said he was going to take a backward step and not get so involved admin wise a couple of years ago.


Ah, confused. I had another Chris (Kermis) in mind. Monday mornings …

Ah, Chris the English chap who lives in The Netherlands, met him at a Summer Gathering in Barcelona. No not him!


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