Düsseldorf .. oasis or desert for craft beer?

Okay sure, i shouldn’t get my hopes up but any information would be great at this point.
I can’t find an entry for “Düsseldorf” with the search tool and there don’t seem to be many reports for german cities in general.

Is anybody in the know about the craft beer scene in Düsseldorf? Is there any?

I’m planning a trip up there to buy noodles and nori and obviously eat a lot of ramen… might aswell go beer shopping if it’s worth it?
A recent trip to Belfast was very fruitful as i stuffed my case with cans!
Feel free to lecture me :slight_smile:

How did you use the search? As their are many places listed in Düsseldorf.

Go to Places and then world map and zoom into Düsseldorf to see the locations on the map.

Or check here: https://www.ratebeer.com/Places/FindPlacesByCity.asp?CountryID=79&StateID=120&City=dusseldorf

The craft beer of Düsseldorf is Altbier, so go and enjoy it at the sources.

For more modern craft beer it then gets more difficult.

https://www.ratebeer.com/Place/state/city/placename/71251.htm is the place to go. They have a shop at another location aswell.

There is. A little, but there is.

For sure the recent opened Holy Craft Beer Bar: https://www.holycraft.de/bar/tap-list-bier-menü/

Then I will suggest Mojo, right in the city center: Mojo. Nothing special here, but you can find a couple of bottles of Crew Republic, BrauKunstkeller, BRLO and other major craft beer german breweries.

But when in Düsseldorf, don’t miss the chance of a good Altbier tour. Uerige, Schlussel, Schimacher, Kürzer and Fuchsen are all within 600 meters distance. Good luck!

If you just want to go shopping I would rather recommend “Holy Craft Beer Store” (metro stop: Kirchplatz) and/ or “Britische Biere”. The former is a typical German craft beer store where you’ll get German craft beer, but also some international stuff. People there are very helpful and passionate, it’s just a little expensive imo. The latter doesn’t ionly have British beers but also German and international craft beer, at least the second best store in Düsseldorf for me (can be reached by tram from e.g. Berliner Platz).

Duesseldorf is the home of german craft-beer!!! Three or four local breweries brew there “craft-beer” for more than 100 years… Nobody knew in this time the term “craft-beer”, but You’ll find there individually brewed and well hopped Ales, produced by small, family-owned, breweries! Extremely quaffable and - in general - far better than the average german “craft-beer”-swill…:grin: