Duvel mega deal

Just picked up three cases of Duvel at 6.69 a sixpack. Still within date. Better price than even Belgium! Moules-frites this weekend! I have seen Leffe is being removed from the market here, is Duvel as well?


Nah, I’d go as far as to say that they are big enough to allow themselves to do that. No news of Duvel USA faltering. https://www.dusadistributors.com/

But man that’s a good price!

I don’t think it was a sale set up by the distributor or something like that, they were just mixed in with other on sale mixed pack/split up stuff.

Seems like a lucky find.

6-packs? Have only seen 4-packs.

They were all singles, but selling for 6.99 for 6, like in a make your own six pack section. I think someone at the store just decided it was time for them to go.


That’s dirt cheap, great find! Here in NL you pay 7.40€ for a 4-pack.

In Estonia 6 Duvels will set you back 18€ minimum, probably more…

For reference, a Duvel 4-pack will be at around $16 in the states.