E-mail veriication

Cannot add a new place. Is reguested to “verify e-mail address”. Should normally function by logging off and on. Does not function in my case. Is then requested to contact “services” at the forum. Cannot find that. This problem occurs frequently. Once I contacted Ratebeer, after several weeks I got the reply that I should log off and on. It functioned. Tried to contact one of the Danish administrators (Ungstrup). He never replied. Anyone who can assist me so that this annoying event can stop.

Might try a brand new browser, and if it works, use it for nothing but ratebeer.

Hi there

This problem keeps on popping up. The other times I have turned off and on my PC and then I could enter a new place.

It did not work out this time, som I tried your suggestion. Downloaded Firefox and then it functioned. Thank you for your assistance.

All the best
LarsBJ (Skinnyviking)