Early May - Paris/Belgium/Amsterdam/Berlin ISO Lambics & Cloudwater

Would love to trade some Jester King, random US IPA/Stout offerings for some decent Lambics (nothing of high value) and some fresh cloudwater.

Also would love to get my hands on a cloudwater IPA glass.

Cloudwater is Manchester, England … not Berlin, Paris, rest of Europe etc etc.

Distribution in England is fairly limited and stocks go fast.

Ordering direct from the brewery is always the best option but pretty sure they don’t ship to rest of Europe (if you find a contact in one of these cities) and doubt there’s much if any distribution there.

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I’ve been to all of the aforementioned places. Multiple bottle shops carry cloudwater especially in Paris. I understand that it isn’t a primary distro location though. Also hoped to maybe hit someone who was visiting the UK.

What sort of stouts?

I realise it makes it to Europe in small quantities but I imagine very limited and as for freshness ?

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I know for a fact of three places that stock fresh cloudwater. Not all of the releases but some.

As far as stouts, I can get my hands on a lot of things. Just varies what someone is interested in and value. Not looking to do much 200+ trades.

Not having a dig at you about CW in Europe …more intrigued … I just looked at a Bottle shop (first Google hit) in Paris.

Was impressed at the selction tbh.


However a lot were (releases) from June to Sept '17 so not the kind of hop drop I’d be looking for myself.

if u got some decent Jester kings, such as the spon variants, or other good stouts, i could help u out on those lambics!


Cloudwater is regular available in both Paris and Amsterdam, I’m in both cities every month. For Paris, La Cave a Bulles, always has Cloudwater. In Amsterdam I have seen Cloudwater delivered earlier than my local bottleshops in Reading and London, DeBierkonig, in the centre, in my opinion the best bottleshop in Europe, I’m amazed by their access to distribution.

Malt attacks in Brussels stock Cloudwater although it was a beer released back in November. Great shop anyway highly recommended.

Liquiderie Paris again great shop (you can drink in too) had cloudwater last time I visited dipa too! And relatively fresh.

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Sterk Avondverkoop in Amsterdam had also really fresh Cloudwater when I was there, and the prices were way cheaper than in DeBierkoning.

I second Malt Attacks, I was there Wednesday, plenty of Cloudwater and Cloudwater collabs. Fantastic shop in Brussels and easy to walk from Midi, if you are on the Eurostar.

I was in malt attacks on Wednesday and all I saw was garage collab exit right (released in November) must have been a mad Cloudwater rush on or maybe I was too drunk to notice after 3F


I send you a pm. Let me know if you don’t receive it

What about cycle and good funky buddha (i.e. morning wood)?

I can definitely get my hands on either of these.

Cloudwater is freshly available in a lot of Dutch shops, haven’t seen a glass though.

PM’d you by the way. Not sure whether the new message system works properly.