East Midlands as a region

On RateBeer England is split up into about 56 counties, and we all can see leaderboards for who has rated the most beer from each. But what about the 9 UK regions, well 8 as one is Greater London, and matches our county.

I’ve started with the East Midlands as its my home region, and below is the top 20 raters of East Midlands beers.

The East Midlands is made up of: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire (except North and North East Lincolnshire), Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, and Rutland. For ease I have used all of the Lincolnshire beers (including North Lincolnshire, and North East Lincolnshire).

Rank Rater Total East Midland Rates
1 @fonefan 1526
2 Mr_Pink_152 1365
3 @imdownthepub 1363
4 @leaparsons 1330
5 maeib 1055
6 @cgarvieuk 889
7 @Fin 863
8 @harrisoni 807
9 @DJMonarch 784
10 @madmitch76 764
11 @ManVsBeer 745
12 DruncanVeasey 736
13 Leighton 580
14 Theydon_Bois 576
15 chriso 477
16 oh6gdx 459
17 yespr 457
18 downender 445
19 theprof 442
20 RichTheVillan 422

If there is any interest I could post another top 20 for a region…


I dont even know what the regions are :slight_smile:
but suspect im somewhere at the top of north east and high middle for most bar prob far south west and east


My total is 418, can you go down as far as me if you do another ‘Region’ please?


Unfortunately I only used the the top 50 list for each region. My top 20 list is only accurate for the top 15 places or so. As you aren’t in the top 50 for Derbyshire you have 322 rates counted (Derbyshire isn’t included) which puts you in 34th place. :disappointed:

OK, my 86 rates for Derbyshire has let me down then, must try harder!


I doubt I’m anywhere near the top 20 for any of the regions but I’m always happy to see more stats threads here so I say go for them!

Out of curiosity, where do you place Gloucestershire? West Midlands? or South West? Nobody can ever make their mind up.

Perhaps Cotswolds could be a region, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

I was going with the official UK regions. Might look to the West Midlands next. This includes:

  • Herefordshire
  • Shropshire
  • Staffordshire
  • Warwickshire
  • West Midlands
  • Worcestershire
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South West based on these regions.

Perfect. That looks like it’s in line with the official NUTS-1 European code.

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We can always do other region groups also … Like the Home Counties that I’ve covered on here before.

I find Hertfordshire (and Bedfordshire to a lesser extent) a little odd in the East of England group.

Also Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire in the South East isn’t right … NOT EAST !!!

So this is the same for the West Midlands

Rank Rater Total
1 @imdownthepub 1563
2 @fonefan 979
3 @DruncanVeasey 963
4 @leaparsons 925
5 @BlackHaddock 900
6 @Fin 811
7 @SarkyNorthener 791
8 @harrisoni 774
9 DJMonarch 758
10 @jmgreenuk 713
11 downender 684
12 RichTheVillan 681
13 tommann 678
14 cgarvieuk 651
15 ManVsBeer 634
16 johndoughty 629
17 maeib 618
18 minutemat 551
19 madmitch76 478
20 Theydon_Bois 460

That’s better, I’m 5th on this one. I do of course live in the West Midlands.


Cheers Chris. 7th for West Midlands. It’s stats like these that first attracted me to Ratebeer. It’s a shame Joet doesn’t have our passion for these things.

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King of the West Midlands here, can we call it Mercia? I don’t even live there. Under pressure in West midlands itself from that Vile fan, the Haddock person took Shropshire off me some time ago, Herefordshire is a no go for me as Cider rules there.

14th. im disgusted with myself

Yes, Cider rates annoy me too, should not count on the Beer Stats. I have no problem with people drinking and rating Cider or that Japanese stuff either, but those Stats should stand alone in my opinion.


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Jeremy I have just flagged your last post as inappropriate.

Thanks Martin, have Frosty Jack or whatever it is that knocks you out.


Can someone explain to me the advantages of this move? In Ratebeer Inc it would seem to affirm that England is not as important as it pretends to be. As a novice I don’t even dominate the East Midlands. So wouldn’t this deter newcomers and isn’t that a bad idea? It would obviously make administration easier. And over decades I know how profoundly that affects things large and small.