Easter Monday Places Stat: Nice while it lasted

Here’s an interesting one for those of us who indulge in place rates.

How many of your rated places are closed, or more specifically marked as closed on RB?

Mine makes for depressing reading: 34 closed which is just under 5% of my total. And of course there may be more not logged on the site.

Note: you can’t see whether a place is closed by looking at your place rates unless you go through ‘countries visited’ or ‘regions visited’.

Places come, places go.

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Not sure how i tell if they are open or closed without going into each.

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I’m 95% certain the bar I’m drinking in now is open!!

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One out of 92 - an independent grocery store where I started my rating in 2014. Now replaced by a chain supermarket with an extremely small and boring selection of beers that never changes.

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No longer in business closed not ‘not open on Easter Monday’ closed :wink:

If you look at the Countries Visited breakdowns any that have closed have it next to them in grey capital letters.

2 out of 251. Not counting the one I rated in order to mention that it had closed.

One brewery shop (Hop Art) and a pub in Woking that used to be a dive, lasted as a craft style bar for about 4 months and then became a 99p pub. Not sure the usual clientele event noticed.

9 have closed out of 248 which is about 3.5%

Wow, 9 out of 93, so basically 10%. Am I some sort of jinx?

To my knowledge (and unless German Point in Nairobi closes recently), I’m batting :100:!

5 closed out of 170, giving 2.9%.

Shame about the Cider Tap and Bree Louise, as there are already too few good places for cider

I couldn’t see a way of getting this stat without looking at every page of every country, and counting them manually.

A sample restricted to my top 100 England ratings shows 4 closed.