Edinburgh Apr 7-12


I’ll be in Edinburgh on April 7 - 12. First time in Scotland. If anyone’s interested in a crawl during this time, let me know. Looking forward to it.

School hols so, not 100% sure but pretty sure away 10-13

But happy to hold a tasting, or try meet up (preferably earlier if crawl as tend to finish about 3pm) before the 10th

Thanks! Always nice to meet a fellow RBer…My wife booked us an AirBnB near Cornelius Beer & Wine. Any tips on transit (day passes, etc) would be appreciated…If it’s a tasting let me know so I can bring some beer. Will already have some for Colin, so I have to watch the weight limit on my bags. What’s you favorite style? Or are looking for any NW USA ticks?

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SO depends on how lazy you are :smiley: Edinburgh is totally a WALKABLE city

Bus prices about to change so i may be a little off
Singl trip is 1.80 Cash or contactless (differnt card per person)
Day ticket is going to be £4 a day ( ithink) and jump on and off all the main Lothain services (not airport or tour buses) that covers anthing you would probably need

From just up from cornelius the 26 will get you rigth into town,. and a 40ish min bus trip more or less to my door

Im a big stout Fan, but no worry if no bag space, and no worries on waht, if you think interesting and ive not had happy to try, But Def a tasting if its something you fancy

Thanks. I’ll try to squeeze in at least a four pack. And I can beef up your Idaho ticks as well…

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Trip has been postponed to late summer. I’ll touch base with you when I know more…Was really looking forward to this…

YEAH the world has gone to shit

true dat

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