Edinburgh X-mas

Hello sons and daughters of William Wallace,

So it happens that I’m coming over to taste that magnificent Tennent’s Super cask version of yours. Also to check if it’s true that you wear nothing under a kilt. Even the lasses?!
Since I’m travelling with my gf, some old stones and lady stuff places are marked on my map along basic BrewDog pubs, brewpubs from RB and top places.
Since we will be in Edinburgh for a short time basically 24-27th I have to prioritize. Thats where you come along. What places do you recommend are must and what can be skipped. My camp is pretty central (near Cowgate Bridge). Any recommendations?

Things I wan to do beside beer and some sightseeing:

  1. Haggis- gimme haggis! We have x-mas dinner reserved already at Tower restaurant, but dunno if they have real haggis
  2. Which JWD servers best full Eng… Scottish breakfast?
  3. Boxing day football - Liverpool v Leicester in on and I want to see it in a good atmosphere, where?
  4. Whisky- although I’m quite familiar with yer whiskys one or two won’t do any harm
  5. Anything else I should see or do?

EDIT: Since I’m travelling by Irish Abomination airlines I bring no luggage with me except what I may take into cabin. So can bring over only few ticks I might find at airport after passing security.

It’s Leicester City vs Liverpool … respect to the home team when listing a fixture !

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Are you fuckin’ mad, man? Why would you watch a bunch of southern overpaid poofs on a flat screen when you can watch this live:
Hearts 12:30 Hibernian


Fixture listed by current standings! No respect!

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I was thinking of adding a footy match to my (read our) stay at the city, but it interests would be so high that banks would look like charity companies next to it. So no :frowning:

Bow Bar is terrific little spot right near High Street tourist area. They have excellent whisky selection (and also nice beers as well). The staff were more than happy to help you make whisky selection based on series of questions like price, rarity, smokiness, smooth or bright, etc. At least when I was there a few years back.

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You could have come to us later afternoon Christmas Day i could do you Haggis and Leftover turkey as well as Fine Beer :slight_smile:
Never eat it out as its easy done at home

Best Spoons is Picture house as its a Beautiful building if you realyl want to give money to the Brexit loving owner

No idea about football

Whisky Def the Bow Bar is the place id go

Tourist wise the Camera Obsucra is by far what i consider the best tourist attraction

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No knowledge of how we list football fixtures in England more like !

Noticed salt horse has some decent whisky in too and if you get bored of that beer and burgers :wink: tbh I’d go to a cocktail bar, Edinburgh has some excellent ones.

  1. May as well take up Craig’s homecooked offer :stuck_out_tongue: Otherwise, most central restaurants will offer it to draw in tourists.
  2. They’re pretty much all the same, Picture House probably the best atmosphere though.
  3. Pass.
  4. Bow Bar’s a good choice.
  5. Avoid Edinburgh Castle, go see Craigmillar instead. Head up Arthur Seat if the weather is nice, some good views of the city.

If you weren’t aware already, check tapsaff.net for up to date listings to help prioritise pubs.

Not fan of cocktails, thou my gf might fancy sometimes drinks with umbrellas.

No I wasn’t aware of that, thanks! Using UT on my travels anyway so this comes handy.

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taps.aff is a good starting point
Untappd, for monties, I&G, Jolly Judge, coldtown, and both brewdogs

plus if in leith dockside tap

Thank you all for everything.
My trip went rather well. And that despite of X-mas day total close down.
Nice little town. Very compact and beautiful. We managed to do quite a lot of sightseeing. I even (idk how) climbed on top of the Arthur’s seat. Legs are still sour :frowning:
Beer-wise- real ale to rule 'em all! Average quality was quite high and I think only 5 or so were not to be served at all.
Places which were nice: Caley Picture house, Brewdog Lothian road, Abbothsford, Standing Order, Jolly Judge.
Brewdog Edinburgh - fck sake what kind of place is that? Queen of dive bars?! One of the worst in town for sure.

I hope to come back one day. Trip was slightly longer than bus to Tartu + airport que times. So not too bad.

Cheers and happy end of the decade!