Edit/Delete option gone for beer cellar?

Similar to what was reported here:

I can see the option to Edit/Delete entries from my Beer Wants and Have List on the Mobile version of the page, but on my Desktop (Mac) I only have this (no Edit/Delete possibility):

@tjbiddle So looks like the bug fixed before has come back…

I think it has never really been solved, at least for me it came back every now and then, I just don’t know what triggers it.

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This is how it looks like for me; Windows+Chrome.
Ugly (wants and have links are formatted differently), and the “delete” label is not an hyperlink, but at least the red cross works; I can delete Wants and Haves.

Does it look different to you?

Seems to work again now… You can close this.

Well, for me it appeared again, probably after I visited the forum. Could have to do with logging into it.