Editing a rating changes the date and puts it as most recent

This has been discussed elsewhere but I can’t find the thread now. I am proposing a change to this behaviour…

So I just came across an old rating of mine from 2016, saw that I’d unintentionally overrated it based on what I said, also took the opportunity to fix some typos. When I did this I noticed it had changed the rating date to today and was showing it as the most recent review.

I don’t agree with this as it’s not a new review and I don’t want people to think it is either, especially since the beer is long retired. On the old site, when you edited a review it would keep the original date and also show an updated date. This was far more useful. And I see from my ratings list in my profile that both dates are indeed there, so this can be done.

However, I can understand that when legitimately re-rating a beer we may wish to have our rating moved to the most recent. So why don’t you make it so we have the option? Because you already have this exact functionality when editing place reviews (see screenshot below). It should be trivial to add the same option when editing our beer reviews.


Anyone else think this would be a good idea? I do occasionally look at my old ratings and will often edit to fix errors if I see any, but I’d like to preserve the original date in cases like that since I rate most beers live, or near enough.

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Just updated me talking to myself in that one.

That’s the one. I was searching terms like “editing ratings” “edit review” “update ratings” etc and got nothing, didn’t think to search “rerates”.

Sadly no response from anyone…

I would personally prefer that re-rating doesn’t re-date ratings, not least because I don’t want it to bugger up my time-related stats on the site. A check box to determine whether to re-date ratings is a great idea, which allows for people favouring both sides of the debate.

Looks like you had quite a few “likes” for your comment, which I understand is the modern facetime equivalent of a well thought out and informative reply. :smiling_imp:

Hehe, indeed, but my comment about the lack of responses was aimed at people who have the power to actually do something about this. i.e. Mr. Tucker. :wink:
Would be nice to hear his (or anyone else on the team) thoughts about it.

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Discobot was my idea good? Will joe implement this?

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:crystal_ball: Yes definitely

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Cheers mate. You better not be lying though.